Additional Forms of Writing


American Quarterly accepts short think pieces for publication in our “Currents” series. These essays are intended as timely forms of writing that will intervene in contemporary issues of importance to scholars in American studies. We hope that they will provide a forum for current debates over the directions of the field and how the interdisciplinary field of American studies defines itself and is defined by others.

These essays are commissioned by the Managing Board and open to submission. They are subject to editorial review but not blind peer review. They are read by all the editors, as well as select board members, all of whom provide feedback for revision. They should be 3,000 – 4,000 words long, including notes.


American Quarterly accepts proposals for short forums, which can be a group of several papers in dialogue with each other or with a commentary, such as a revised conference panel, or a paper with several responses. Proposals for forums are approved by the Managing Board. These forums are subject to editorial review, not blind peer review. They are read by a combination of editors and select board members, who provide feedback for revision. In general, forums should not be more than 18,000 words total. We are also open to proposals for forums that can be published online or with online components and supplements.

Online Components

We are open to proposals for and submissions of visual essays and essays that include hyperlink and online supplements, such as video and audio clips, additional images, links to online sources for key archival information. As we continue to build our Web site, we are interested in proposals for essays and reviews that can be published online.


Please see our Author Guidelines for general formatting instructions.